Welcome to After Eight!

 Sample Menus

Up to six people - please choose one starter, main course and dessert

Over six people - 2 choices from each if required

Over twelve people - more choices would be possible, please contact Jules

(V) = Vegetarian, no meat but may include cheese



Menu 1


Deep Fried Camembert 

Wedges of camembert coated in breadcrumbs and fried, served on a bed of rocket and with a sweet chili dipping sauce (V) 

Main Course 

Magret de Canard 

Pan-fried duck breast in a red wine and plum sauce served on a bed of creamed potatoes with an accompaniment of seasonal vegetables



Chocolate Mousse 

Pot of homemade chocolate mousse topped with a little fruit and chantilly cream 


Menu 4



Leek and Pea Risotto served with Garlic Bread (V) 


Main Course 

Steak and Mushrooms

Thin slices of succulent steak cooked with mushrooms and onions in a rich jus and served with baby roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Eton Mess

A mix of fresh fruit, meringue, fruit coulis and cream, not for the calorie counters!


Menu 7



Salad Nicoise

Salad with Tuna, Quail's eggs and olives with a light salad dressing


Main Course 

Chicken Chasseur

Braised chicken legs cooked in a rich chasseur sauce and served with vegetable rice


Lemon and Lime Cheesecake

Rich lemon / lime cheesecake on a biscuit base served with a little  vanilla icecream


Menu 10

Sharing Menu (sample)


Camembert Dip

Warmed whole camemberts with chili and honey served with warm bread to dip. A real sharing delight (V) 

Main Course 


A tajine of lamb or chicken for you to help yourselves, served with side salads of mixed peppers and spicy potatoes



A selection of desserts, choose your favourite and grab it !!!



Menu 2


Chicken Caesar Salad

Slices of roast chicken tossed with iceberg lettuce, croutons, caesar dressing and topped with parmesan shavings

Main Course 

Cod with a special "After Eight" dressing

Thick pieces of boneless cod sitting on a bed of fresh tomato and basil sauce and topped with capers and black olive slices served with sautéed potatoes and green beans


Creme Brulée

Traditional French dessert (although it was invented in England!)


Menu 5


Prawn Cocktail

Yes the old favourite, lettuce topped with prawns tossed in a Marie Rose sauce, wedges of lemon and served with brown bread... 2016 version !!!

Main Course 

Pork 'n Apples

Pork loin cooked with caramelised apples and cider served with sautéed potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Pear Belle Héléne

Pears cooked in vanilla and cinnamon and served with chocolate sauce, toasted almonds and icecream

Menu 8



Vegetable Spring Rolls

Lightly fried spring rolls stuffed with peppers, lettuce, onions and sweetcorn served on a bed of rocket and with a sweet chili and soy sauce (V) 

Main Course 

Salmon Steak

Thick salmon steak tossed in freshly milled black peppercorns, pan fried in olive oil and butter and served with roasted vegetables


Chocolate Brownies

Warm chocolate brownies served with icecream